At Small Appliance Mart we put information online to help you buying  your next wine frigde, wine refrigerator or wine cabinet. In the USA people speak about a wine cabinet, wine cooler of wine coolers or wine fridge. But even when you live in the UK you will find all kind of information.

The most popular models in de UK are:
Liebherr WTes 5872 Vinidor
Liebherr WTes 5972 Vinidor
Liebherr UWT 1682 Vinidor
Liebherr WTb 4212 Vinothek

In the USA the have less models with different modelnumbers:
Liebherr WS17800 Vinidor
Liebherr WU5600 GrandCru
Liebherr WS4000 Vinidor
Liebherr HWS1800 GrandCru
Liebherr WU4000 Vinidor
Liebherr WS1200 GrandCru

The most popular organisation to give advice about these appliances is Cavepromotor. This organisation is only selling Liebherr wine fridges in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States. Because they only sell wine cabinets of the Liebherr brand. This makes that the employees are experts in consulting. There origin is in the wine industry. Most of them used to be wine buyers at auctions.

Because the wine experts have there background in the wine industry they where thinking how they could improve the wine cabinets. And they came up with the Vibration Reduction Blocks. Every freestanding wine cabinet is placed on the blocks when it is empty during installation. When the owner of the wine cabinet is filling the cabinet it ‘sincks’ into the blocks. The result is that al kind of vibrations are reduced.

Humidity is also a big issue in wine storing. The level has to be between 50% and 75%. But how do you meassure? To know what the level of humidity is you need a hydrometer. This is delivered by Cavepromotor when you buy a Liebherr wine cabinet. Most suppliers don’t because they don’t know how to handle humidity.

Not sure:
When you are not sure what to buy, be a ware that you better go for good advice. Buyin a wine cabinet is not buying a pair of Shoes. This is the reason that Cavepromotor is spending so much effort in giving the best advice and service for every Liebherr wine cabinet.