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General Electric LM 2500 gas turbines from a reliable supplier

Looking for spare parts and services for your General Electric LM 2500 gas turbine? Mechanical Field Support B.V. is your partner of choice. This company specializes in a wide variety of GE turbines and MFS carries. As an expert support company for such carries and turbines, their business consists of spare part delivery, gas turbine maintenance and site management and relocation. The inspection and maintenance services that Mechanical Field Support B.V. provides can also be provided on a periodical basis. As such, you are ensured that your durable LM 2500 gas turbines stay at peak operating efficiency. Ever since its founding in 2001, this company has expanded its operations worldwide, hiring a large team of specialists.

Both LM 2500 gas turbine types can receive services and spare parts

If you need spare parts and services for your LM 2500 turbines, look no further than the services of Mechanical Field Support B.V. This venerable gas turbine model sees widespread application in the marine and industrial fields. It sees the most use in the commercial marine, offshore and power generation plant industries. Mechanical Field Support B.V. offers servicing for two types of the LM 2500 gas turbine: the 33,600 shp LM 2500, and the 40,500 shp LM 2500+ that delivers. It should go without saying that they also stock every single spare part required for servicing these turbines. Servicing other LM series, to wit the 1600, 5000 and 6000 can also be serviced by this company. In terms of credentials, Mechanical Field Support B.V. is ISO 9001:2008, VCA and SCC certified.

Highly experienced personnel

For excellent efficiency, competitive prices, high-quality technology and low downtime, Mechanical Field Support is your partner of choice. With qualified engineers that have over 100 years of combined experience and expertise, any kind of gas turbine maintenance, service, site management and site relocation can be entirely trusted to this company. If you want to enquire after the possibilities, contact these professionals today.

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