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Stop whining and start flourishing!

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Jen Sinchero’s book “Don’t Noah” is sold all over the world in huge editions. Why? Most likely, the reason is that the book is written incredibly simple, and everyone can try on the image of Jen, who was all in debt and loans, and then began to earn seven-figure royalties in dollars.

We read the book and highlighted 10 important tips that will help you get inspired and thrive.

The main obstacle to prosperity

It’s not a lack of good ideas, opportunities, or time that hinders us making money, or even that we’re too lazy or stupid. We just don’t allow ourselves to be rich.

You must be rich!

Being rich means allowing yourself to have those things and experience those events that will make your life more complete. The healthy pursuit of wealth is not greed. This is the desire to live.

Allow yourself to love money

Decriminalize this word. Say the mantra: I love Money because I love myself.

Take control of your words and thoughts

Thoughts evoke emotions. Emotions trigger action. Actions shape your reality.

Love yourself because you are the only one

Do something cool with what you have. Whatever you decide, do it with joy, in a way that will make money and have fun.

Be happy

When you are happy and focused on the good, you attract good things. And vice versa.

Drive your fears away

Once you understand what was holding you back, start thinking about a new story. The key to success is to move forward and conquer your fears, not go into endless introspection.

Don’t hesitate

Doubt is the crack through which any excuses come to you for not doing something. Doubt drowns determination and drives you back into your comfort zone. Listen to your intuition and believe that your wish is already coming true.

Passion attracts wealth

To become rich, you must connect with the desire for money and apply a goat passion to it. The passion of the goat that throws itself on the couch. To do this, you must know the answer to the question “why?” “Why do you want this money so much?”

Set clear goals

Unclear dreams lead to unclear results. Clear dreams lead to victory. Clarity allows the Universe to fulfill your order. The universe needs details. And she will answer you, she always answers.

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