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Is Laser Hair Removal Dangerous?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that is used to remove unwanted hair permanently. The method has been used since the late 1990s, and since then, it has been improved significantly. Still, you may be curious about its dangers, given that all medical procedures come with some risks. So, is laser hair removal dangerous?


Laser hair removal: An overview of rare but possible side effects


Blisters and Permanent Scarring

This side effect is very rare, but it occurs more commonly in people with darker complexions. The problem is usually caused by exposing yourself to sun rays soon after the procedure. It is also worth noting that some skin types tend to scar easily, and these will usually develop permanent blisters from the method.



This procedure is not painless, but you should not expect excessive discomfort. You should only experience pain in the initial session. In subsequent ones, the discomfort should be minimal or non-existent. The pain is usually caused by the heating of the skin surface by the hairs.


Discolouration of the Skin

Skin can also get discoloured after the procedure, but this problem is temporary. If you have pale skin, it may turn darker, and if you have dark skin, it may lighten. To prevent this side effect, you should wear sunscreen for at least a month after undergoing the procedure.


Will You Lose Your Hair Permanently?

As you have seen, the answer to the question ‘Is laser hair removal dangerous?’ is ‘No.’ The process may cause some minor side effects but will not pose a danger to your health or safety. At this point, you may be wondering whether or not the procedure will lead to the permanent loss of hair. Although most of the good candidates of laser hair removal end up losing their hair for the long-term, most of them will still have to attend multiple sessions before they can experience permanent results.


How to avoid unwanted side effects?

Most side effects occur when the patient does not follow the guideluines set by the clinics. This mostly happens because they avoind professional clinics or buy cheap products for usage at home. Visit professional laser hair removal clinics for the correct treatment and avoid unnecessary risks.



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