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Danger for humans and animals
Meanwhile, magnetic fishermen are not only putting themselves in danger. Because of dirt, mold or rust, shells are often not immediately recognizable as ordnance, warns Udo Michel, deputy head of the water police. In addition, magnetic anglers could release harmful substances that would still be in the deeper soil layers of the water. For flora and fauna, there is a best fishing magnet to buy that plants and animals living in the water could be “damaged, destroyed or killed” by magnetic fishing. This could have a lasting impact on the population, Michel explains.

According to the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment, a permit is required for magnetic fishing. However, this is not normally granted. Anyone fishing without a permit therefore risks a fine. According to police headquarters, magnet fishing is an administrative offense. The amount of the fine is determined by the competent regulatory authority, i.e. the city, the municipality or the administrative community.

n recent events, the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection, through the government and district administrations, points out that not everyone is allowed to go magnet fishing. According to information from the Ministry of the Interior, there has been an increase in cases recorded by the police throughout Bavaria, according to a press release.

Magnet fishing (also known as magnetic angling) involves “fishing” for metallic objects by means of a strong magnet attached to a string, rope or line. The Bavarian police are aware of cases in which such a magnet is also pulled across the bottom by a boat while it is underway. According to the information available, the purpose of magnet fishing in most cases is to find coins, scrap metal or other valuable objects. However, it can also happen that ammunition or shells stick to the magnet.