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Absolute must do’s when your warehouse is growing

Absolute must do’s when your warehouse is growing  

Due to the increasing demand on the online market and the rising expectations of customers ordering online, the number of warehouses and storage areas is also increasing. With all this pressure and the huge throughput, it can be quite a challenge to keep everything in the warehouse running smoothly. There are several factors that are extremely important when running a warehouse. They all have to do with safety, speed, and efficiency. Curious about what these factors are? Then read this blog article. 


Take care of a great product arrangement

A good arrangement is half the work. The placement of products is really very important in a warehouse. You want the stock that sells the most (and therefore generates the most profit) to be the easiest for staff to reach. This way, you keep the throughput optimal and your customers are also satisfied with the speed with which they receive their orders. Some useful guidelines you can follow when setting up your warehouse are: 

1. Use the ABC method when it comes to placing your products in a warehouse. This way you divide your warehouse into items that sell the most and therefore bring in the most revenue (20% of your stock brings in 80% of your turnover). Make sure B-products are at the bottom and C-products (that sell the least) are at the top. 

2. Always place heavy weights at hip height so they are much easier for your staff to lift and they can work easier, safer and faster. 

3. Avoid placing similar products next to each other. That way you can be sure that nothing gets mixed up while you are packing the orders. 


Make the most out of your square metres

Many people with fast-growing businesses find that the storage space becomes too small for the amount of products they need and want to store. It is an incredibly expensive investment to move to a different building. Especially when your business is just settling in and business is booming, you don’t want to make a hasty decision to move to a larger space. It can then be a good investment to have a mezzanine floor designed for your current space. This will create a whole extra floor that will almost double your square footage. The specialists at can help you create a perfectly tailored mezzanine floor construction.