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The Most Sensational Things To Do In Greece in 2020

Greece is a country that appears on the lists of dream destinations of people all over the world. And it’s not hard to see why. Situated in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, the main land of Greece and it’s collection of islands are lush in vegetation and natural beauty. Covered in mountains, rivers, beaches and volcanoes, this stunning country is rich in ancient culture and history.

The easiest way to get to see and do everything you’d like to in Greece is to do it on your own terms. Luckily Greece car rental services are available and you can research the best ones and book in advanced. If you want to check the latest prices on car rental in Greece, this is the site to check: You can also ask your Greece rent a car company of choice for insurance on car for extra peace of mind. Just make sure to keep to the right side of road and drive carefully as Greece has a higher accident rate then some of it’s European counterparts.

Greece is undoubtedly one of the most interesting places you’ll ever visit. If you’re looking for incredible things to add to your trip itinerary, take a look at these highly recommended things to try while visiting Greece:

See Stunning Historical Sites

As previously mentioned, Greece is rich in ancient human history and their culture. With ruins of civilizations dating back to the 4th century, Greece is home to some of the oldest and most iconic man-made sites. These site are a window back in time to history as human beings as well as the Greek culture itself. On your trip you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delphi. A sacred site for Greeks ancient peoples. There you can marvel at the ancient ruins of the old stadium and their intricate temples. See the amazing open air theater that is the Epidaurus Theater. And be sure not to miss out on a tour of Acropolis, the home of the famous Parthenon. But there are no shortage of historic sites and Greek tourist attractions for you to find on your travels. You’ll be spoiled for choice, but with careful planning you’ll be able to fi in everything you want to see.

Indulge In Greek Delights

Greek food is divine and is something you should definitely go out of your way to try if you’re looking to have an authentic Greek experience. This Mediterranean cuisine utilizes hearty vegetables, fish, meat and grains. They’re also particularly fond of olive oil, the Greeks. The local Grecian foods can be deliciously healthy for you and the Greek culture makes food a social event. Many dishes are made perfect for sharing, like their famous dolmades. So delight in some scrumptious baklava or share some Spanakopita. Their Pastitsio is also a must try dish on your trip, perfect for the whole family.

Immerse Yourself In Grecian Culture

While visiting Greece, you can take a little piece of their wonderful culture home with you by taking a class, tour or a workshop. Learn to make Grecian art in the form of mosaics, pottery and sculpting workshops. Go on wine tastings and replicate the gorgeous views in painting classes. You can even learn traditional Greek dancing. There is so much more on offer and these can be really fun ways to make special memories on your journey.